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The Clinique de La Source offers on-the-job nursing training.

Student supervision

The Clinique de La Source provides practical nursing training locations for:

  • interns that are pre-Swiss University of Applied Sciences (HES) in their foundation health year (HBO)
  • HES students of all levels of their Bachelor degrees in nursing




Depending on the number of internship places available, students are also hosted at:


Up to 11 students can also be hosted at the same time in:

  • Seven multidisciplinary wards (medicine and surgery)
  • Four specialised treatment wards (maternity, outpatient, intensive care and recovery).

Students are supervised by University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland (HES-SO) clinical trainers in collaboration with reference nurse from the healthcare teams. 

Please click here for further information on internship options at the Clinique de La Source. 

Intramural training courses

Within the framework of in-service training, once a week the Clinique de La Source organises and holds open courses for all Clinic employees (as well as students). The principal stakeholders are our doctors, surgeons and specialist nurses, as well as external speakers depending on the subjects selected. 



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